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Need someone to make a download server/center

PostPosted: Thu Jun 18, 2015 4:50 am
by nicks4317
I was wondering if someone could make a download server/center for my files..I am a game modder and I make free mods for a game. But I need a place to upload them and make it available for public to download free. I want to offer two kinds of download system:

->Download from fast server(users pay 1 euro and download at very high speed)

->Download from slow server(80-100 kb/s)

I must be able to limit the downoad speed and users must be redirected to paypal when they select fast download...Thats all I need!. And if possible, I want to bridge this download page with my that users dont have to sign up again.

If someone can help me then please reply or advice.

Thanks in advance.